The 4th

Seems like nothing stops anymore. The highways are busy, the airplanes are full, and the news cycle runs in a continuous loop. If we the people aren’t going and doing, we’re on the phone texting, or talking, or Googling and ogling.IMG_0436

When I was a kid, Sunday was a day of rest, and a holiday was a holiday. Nothing was open on those days. I mean nothing. No gas, no groceries, no Chuck E. Cheese, and no McDonald’s. Now, nothing is closed. Ever.

For the most part, the oilfield field has always been a 24/7/365 industry. When we’re on we’re on, so a holiday, a birthday and an anniversary is celebrated with a little extra cake or pie at mealtime, a thought, a comment to a fellow rig-mate, a phone call home, and a prayer.

Today was no different. It’s hot, but we grilled outside and rotated over a 120 men and women through for chicken, shrimp, and ribs, accented with beans and potato salad, then topped off with carrot cake.IMG_0435

The work goes on.

If you look on the calendar, the day of this posting is/was the 4th of July, just another day if you’ve never been oppressed. When I was a kid, we still called it Independence Day.

That’s something to celebrate.