Pandemic or Plague?

Everyone has a “he/she-died story.” I have several, more and more every month as this plague persists. Hate that kind of story. None of them make a lick of sense.

I know of a drilling contractor who decided not to test “vaccinated” rig employees. But the great “unvaxed” were required to subject their nostrils to swabbing the day they went out, day three and day five. Wasn’t long and half the rig (dozens) were infected with covid, and half of the infected were vaccinated. So, who spread it? I wonder. No I don’t. They’re back to testing everyone now.

The mandates are in effect. Get the shot/s or lose your livelihood. I’ll call them Bob and Billy-bob. Bob had covid in May. Got the shots in August to keep his job. He got covid again the first week of October and died soon after. Billy-bob was deepwater with me and was worried because his company wanted him vaxed and he was past the due date. We finally flew him in, and he complied. Then, he went to the ER with heart problems, at age 35. Myocarditis. Danged if you do and danged if you don’t. So can Billy-bob sue the company he works for? Bob can’t.

I caught it six weeks ago. Had not been on the rig long, so probably contracted it from someone on the commercial flight to Houston—the flight where everyone is masked up and social distanced until they cram themselves into the plane and eat and drink with the mask-Nazi patrolling the aisles. I thought I had a head cold. I’d tested negative 12 hours before so no way I had covid. Colds are not uncommon to me, so… Nope. Tested positive 2 days after thinking I had a cold. I was around 160 men. Inside the elevator, the drill shack, the offices, the galley, name it, for 2 days. No masks. I was the only one who got it. So, I got it from the masked and didn’t give it to the unmasked. Makes sense.

I credit the cow wormer, as the media calls it. And it is. Works on horses and pigs and dogs and humans. All critters. Are we not animals? Compared to most, my case was mild. Still packed a punch, but I’m back to abnormal and, yet again, feeling good as used.I hoped this would be my last musing about this plague, but now we have Omicron, the super variant. Won’t be long and they’ll have to name the variants like they do hurricanes. Or Rocky sequels.  

I think I’m going to treat myself to some dog food to celebrate my recovery. A medium-rare ribeye.