Well, time and Covid has passed since I mused. We stopped testing on the rig and have not had a case of Covid since. Imagine that. All of it had to do with cents and none of it made sense from the beginning, but whatever.

The price of everything is skyrocketing, present tense. Oil, for one, has doubled or more than doubled and that affects the price of everything. Plastics, fertilizers, IPhones, even toilet paper, and I hope this comment doesn’t start another run on non-skid.

It’s amazing to me that the president released several million barrels of crude again from the strategic oil reserves to lower the price of gasoline at the pump, what, 2 cents? What is it about the meaning of strategic that was missed? And too, that oil doesn’t just appear in those reserves. It was purchased on the open market from those terrible big-oil companies, or from that terrible Russian, or those discriminating Arab fellows who no longer talk to old men.

Let me see. When oil is released from our reserves, who is it released to, to make gasoline? Is it sold back to big-oil or does Sam pay to have it refined then give it away? Does big oil get to make a profit on the oil they received?

I am curious what our world leaders are smoking these days. Sure not cigars. I suspect it’s placed in a pipe and will get you hung by the neck in most countries and beheaded in a few others.

Nero fiddled, Zelenskyy pleads, Putin smirks and we’re concerned about teaching little boys and girls they might be girls and boys or both at the same time…and not know it. Looks can be deceiving.