Driller’s Speak

I wrote my first story using my first computer, a Compaq something or other that took 10 minutes to start and ran at the speed of tortoise when it did. The story was short, something about chasing a Bedouin’s camels around in the desert to prevent them from eating my golf balls or some such thing. Wasn’t a bad tale as I recall, but my new computer gave me fits, underlining everything I penned in a rainbow of colors. After a little research into the problem I thought, Oh, thats what my Engish teacher mint win she told me two take good care of my back inn the future cause Id need it.

Recently I wrote a procedure for the rig to follow. I proofread it, printed a dozen copies, and then handed them out in the pre-tour meeting. It looked something like the following.

  • POOH w/ FMC LPWHH R/tl.
  • L/O DAT & service DDM, TFM, VPH as needed
  • M/U BHA & test MWD and mtr
  • RIH
  • ROV guide to WH. Give OIM & DPO 20-min notice.
  • Stab in and RIH
  • Drlg cmt, flt equip, & drl to TD w/ SW
  • Bk/rm to shoe dspl to 13.5 PAD
  • POOH to LPWHH and ck stabs
  • RIH to tag
  • POOH. Open PBL & wash LPWHH on the way.
  • L/O BHA
  • R/U to RIH csg.

Before we dismissed, I asked if anyone had any questions. No one did.