I took my bride to the movies last week. They advertised a 5:45 starting time. It was more like 6:15 by the time the ads and movie trailers played out. We finished our popcorn before the main event started. I liked the olden days when a movie theater was lit and silent until the lights dimmed to black and the lion roared. You knew what was happening back then. The movie was starting, so people clammed up and watched. Now they have to hire actors to act like they’re shutting off their phones and watching the movie, so people will act like the actors and shut off their phones and watch the movie. Novel idea.

So … one of the trailers was about the Deepwater Horizon incident. I hate to say it. Wait, no I don’t. It’s dumb. I saw 45 seconds of film and wanted to gag myself with a pistol barrel. I like Marky Mark’s work for the most part, but someone would have to pay me to sit through this one … a lot. It showed a roughneck walking across the rotary table and seeing oil or mud ooze up through the master bushings and split bushings. Bunch a boloney. First, couldn’t happen and those boys on the Horizon weren’t that dumb.

FireMen make mistakes. Some are terminal. This was a prime example of one of them. I didn’t know any those who lost their lives, but I know their brothers, their friends, and men who were there in the middle of it, trying to survive, saving others, showing their true mettle.

Hindsight is 20/20, as the adage goes. Hollywood should have left this one alone.

One thought on “Hindsight

  1. Couldn’t agree more. Hollywood should have left it alone. I saw the trailer as well and it was sickening. You know , good and well, all the ones that don’t know the oilfield will see that as the truth…. because they saw it in the movies and it was a documentary…. GAG!!! 😦


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