Man: an angel

I’m working on a manuscript for a friend who served as a combat medic, four tours, two in in Iraq and two in Afghanistan. This is a non-fiction story, so to familiarize myself, I researched how improvements in medical care and the presence of a medic affected to mortality rate during combat. I looked at all of our conflicts, all the way back to the Revolutionary War. If a space is blank, then no record exists. Notice the disparity in battle deaths and other deaths.

Just food for thought. Ref – American War and Military Operations Casualties: List and Statistics

# Serving    Total Deaths    In Battle   Other Deaths    Wounded

  • Revolution                              4435              4435                                       6188
  • War of 1812     286,730         2260              2260                                       4505
  • Mexican War      78,718        13,283           1733              11,550             4152
  • Civil War           2,213,363     364,511       140,414          224,097           281,881
  • (Union only)
  • Spanish-US     306,760           2446              385                  2061               1662
  • WWI            4,734,991          116,516        53,402            63,114               204,002
  • WWII          16,112,556        405,399        291,557          113,842              670,846
  • Kore             5,720,000           36,574           33,739             2835                 103,284
  • Vietnam      8,744,000           58,220           47,434           10,786                303,644

Are you wondering? Me too. Some were fought horseback and afoot, including WWI when the world was only 2% mechanized. The world geared up for WWII. We were 98% mechanized.

Do you know why Japan bombed Pearl Harbor? Where was Erwin Rommel going in north Africa? Why did Hitler invade Poland and make a beeline for the Baku?


I’m aged, (but not too ripe yet,) and as young man who had to register for the draft right at the end of the Vietnam War, I heard protesters chant (they chanted back then) about the white man forcing the black man to go to Vietnam to die for him.

Vietnam Total deaths = 58,220.    Black = 7243    White = 49,826   Other = 1146

What does all of this have to do with medics? Heck I don’t know.

Michael Shaara wrote “Killer Angels.” Won the Pulitzer. It’s about the Battle of Gettysburg. Brilliant.

Man is an angel, but he’s the “Killer Angel.”


One thought on “Man: an angel

  1. Combat is the worst thing man, woman or child could ever endure. I am not a vet, and have only seen pictures or videos on the subject, but I know some that I am close to. 99% of the time they are silent when it comes to what they have seen and done.I like the idea you are going for here David. I can only imagine the comfort a wounded soldier would get from a medic. I wish the VA would inspire the same comfort that our vets sorely deserve. Thanks to your friend for his service!

    Randy Smith

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