Motion is Lotion

During my teens and twenties, I would hit the ground running.

During my thirties and forties, I would hit and bounce up.

During my fifties and, now, my sixties, I just hit and bounce.

I don’t know what’s in store for my seventies and eighties, or even the rest of this day, other than I plan on living, but if I don’t, I’m prepared to go because I know the first person I’m going to meet after I pass from this world into the next is Jesus. And I’m going to thank Him.

So back to the bouncing part. All you youngsters won’t get it until you’re not youngsters any longer, and I can hear your “Ya, ya, ya” of whatever. I’m telling you. One of these days you’re going wake up and “Hoo, ahh, ouch,” yourself all the way into the restroom to tend to your particulars. And like me, you’re going to wonder what happened, and provided your memory hasn’t faded along with everything else on your body, you’ll remember this rambling.

A doctor told a friend, “motion is lotion.” A good adage.

Don’t believe it?

Ever had someone tell you, “I can’t talk right now. I’m old and my jaws are sore?”


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