Tuesday I travelled from Colorado to Louisiana via an airplane. The line to get through security at Denver International was nothing like I’d ever witnessed. Two (2), yes two, people waited in line when I approached. It took me longer to get through the particulars than it has since 9/11. Looked through my bag and scrutinized my tooth paste and squeezed the tube like I’d hidden a file inside. Finally satisfied, the masked person told me had the tube been full, he would have discarded it for me. Just about a quarter ounce under the limit.

Okay, so I went to the gate where I sat for an hour. Couldn’t people watch—one of my favorite past times. No people to watch. I don’t know how far you can see up and down the terminal, 200 yards or so in each direction. Bet I didn’t see 40 people at any one time. Most of them airport employees.

The 737 took 20 of us to New Orleans. That airport was a morgue. No pun intended.


My son-in-law left for Houston to be quarantined in a hotel with 80 or so of his rig crew 14 days ago. Can’t have any contact with his crew. No one. Meals delivered. Someone on his rig tested positive for the virus a couple of days ago, so now everyone on the rig is quarantined. The guys at the hotel are still there in case they finally get to go to work. Might be another 14 days before they crew change and work 28 days on the rig.


I know of another crew who will stay in a hotel 8 days then get on a boat in Fourchon, Louisiana, and sail 6 days to Trinidad to crew change and work 28 days.


Another rig crew quarantined 14 days before leaving for Guyana. Then they quarantined 14 days when they arrived and went to the rig and worked 28 days. They quarantined another 14 days before they could go to the airport to fly home.


Well, where is our country now? In the middle of the biggest fiasco in history. Why? Ask a million people and you’ll get a million answers and most of them will make sense.

Me, I think God is the only one who can close down 185 countries overnight. You might ask, “Why would He do that?” Maybe it’s because you can get an abortion but not get a sore tooth pulled, or a kidney stone removed, or a gall bladder removed, or a haircut.

I think He’s finally had enough.

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