Who’s Running the Asylum?

I was supposed to go to test prep this past week. They call it well control school, but it’s not a school anymore. I’ve mentioned this before and it’s still a sore spot with me. Don’t problem solve. Learn the answer to the test questions. Drives me nuts, or depending on who you ask, nuttier.

The industry regulators require us to attend 40 hours of instruction every two years. After 40 years on the rigs and attending school, real school, every year for the first 20 years, I’d rather have a root canal. I’ve selected a tooth I don’t like just in case that’s’ an option in the future.

The school said I could not attend because I was tested for COVID. I took two tests, and both were negative, but they would not allow me in the building unless I quarantined 14 days first. I tested again 3 days later and that one was negative.

Brilliant. What does that tell you about the tests? FYI – COVID tests are inaccurate 60% of the time.

We had a guy on the rig who tested negative before he arrived. He was tested on the rig and tested positive, which forced us to fly him off via MEDEVAC. Not cheap by the way. He was tested again that day and the result was negative. Guess what he’s doing? Yep. Quarantined 14 days to see if he gets sick. If he does show symptoms, he has to test negative twice with 60% inaccurate tests before he can return to work.

Just brilliant.

I’m on the rig now. We’re sailing west, southwest, at the ocean-eating pace of 7mph, trying to get on the west side of two approaching hurricanes. The west side is the weakest side of a hurricane, but not to be confused with docile or calm. Still formidable.

Everyone is masked up inside the living quarters unless seated at a table in the galley eating. The rig has a central air-conditioning system. Everyone here tested negative.

Again, brilliant.

Is the mask deal an IQ test? I can’t say much because I’m on a slow boat playing chicken with two hurricanes.

Don’t confuse the rioters who wear their masks with upstanding citizens trying to do their part during the pandemic. They’re running the asylum.

2 thoughts on “Who’s Running the Asylum?

  1. Well written Dave as usual. It almost sounds like you could be at Pat O’Briens ordering two hurricanes with the corona chaser. 😜😝😎


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