What’s in a Name?

I know several Biscuits. One is skinny, and two are more like loafs … ‘cause they like biscuits. During conversations on the rig floor when someone gets confused about which Biscuit is which, skinny Biscuit is referred to as Big Biscuit, so everyone can keep ’em straight.

And don’t confuse Big Biscuit with Cornbread … either of them.

Meat is big as an ox, and Pork Chop likes pork chops. Skinny is skinny. Whacker is, was, is … well, I didn’t ask. He asked me to call him Whacker, so I did.

Big Slim and Little Slim are both 6’ 8”.

Doobie doesn’t smoke pot, but his so hyper everyone thinks he’s on crack.

Nate, AKA Crush Velvet, is like Whacker … no one is all that curious.

I’d have to really think about Frog. The Frogs are like the Biscuits. There’s more than one of them. I do know one Frog in particuar. He may be the original Frog. We shared an office on a rig for a short time. One afternoon he walked in, sat down at his desk, and dialed the phone. After a moment he said, “Hi, this here is Frog. No, Frog. Excuse me. F. R. O. G.” Then, he lowered the phone, pressed the palm of his right hand onto the mouth piece, and said, “Hey, Dave, this lady doesn’t know how to spell Frog.”

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