A couple of months ago, a good friend succumbed to Covid related pneumonia. He was tested before symptoms arrived, so he knew something was coming. Then he woke with chills and a fever late one night, but he went back to sleep and felt fine the next morning. Within a day or two he developed a cough. He’s healed now. Home. At peace. Will never suffer again. I miss him. Since his passing many I know have suffered from and survived the scourge, and several more are fighting for their lives right now. No doubt more to come. Me included.

Yes, the virus is real, but Lord help us. The world’s leaders, save a few, are in cahoots it seems, steering down the road to only the Lord knows what.

I worked for a rancher during my younger years. One morning he asked me to ride with him to check cows. Wasn’t long and I figured out “Why me?” Lots of gates to open on this spread. Lots of gates. Doesn’t take much for brains to open and close gates. I was an automatic opener. Anyway, he drove into one pasture and watched a herd of critters for a minute. He mentioned one cow in particular and pointed her out. Head high, looking our direction, snorting, bug-eyed and ready to bolt into parts unknown. Wasn’t just a moment and the rest of the herd had caught her fever. Took some doing to get her corralled, but he shipped the old gal off to market and cured the herd.

That’s an apt cure for the crazy circling the globe right now. Sanity is not contagious but crazy is.

I mentioned what the Lord knows. Shut off the news and open the Bible. You’ll know too. Pray. Be at peace in the middle of the battle.

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