Flatten that curve. Alone together. Sounds like advertising for female undergarments.

Yes, Covid is still a thing. Never let a good crisis go to waste.

The rigs we work test everyone who comes out. Then, several days later, test them again. I know of a couple of rigs where numerous people tested positive 3 to 5 days after testing negative. They were quarantined and flown off the rig immediately. These people had no symptoms, so … if they didn’t test them …? And they are testing the vaccinated … and flying those who are vaccinated, who test positive, off …  If everyone on the rig were vaccinated, would the tests end, and if not, would they still fly off those who test positive but are asymptomatic?

Unlike a thermos, how would they know?

The internet has no end either.

Years ago, I had been hunting in southwestern Colorado and was headed home. I drove a 4×4 pickup and pulled a 4-horse trailer loaded with gear and two critters. Lizard Head pass is 10,246’ at its crest. On this day the road was snow-packed and icy, the temperature hovering in the teens. Right at the apex I encountered a traffic jam consisting of five vehicles stacked up behind a pickup and 2-horse trailer jackknifed and blocking the roadway. I walked up to help where I could and eyed the scene—older man, two-wheel drive pickup, New Jersey plates, no chains. Next thing I know I’m installing my chains on the guy’s back tires. In the process I noticed the pickup shake, so I back away a second and took notice of the trailer again. Not two-horse, bigger, and fully enclosed. I enquired about its occupant. A camel. A Dromedary camel he’d purchased from the zoo in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and was delivering to a man in Montrose, Colorado.

I asked about the man’s misdirection and was informed rather directly that he was not lost.

I’m with Jimmie Buffet. No vaccine for this.

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